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Welcome to Cutting The Gordian Knot

Welcome to Cutting The Gordian Knot, where we believe problems that often seem intractable can be simply solved with the help of Scripture, Reason and Tradition. 

Alexander the Great recognized that he was not the wisest man alive and was far from being clever enough to untangle the problem presented to him by the knot. We try to take the same strategy. We are not wise enough to untangle the thorny issues of today, but we hope that we can substitute creativity for the wisdom we lack as we swing the double edged sword of Faith and Reason. 

The articles you find below were written for a variety of different audiences ranging from social media friends to the Virginia State legislature. We hope these thoughts are of service to you in your intellectual journey. You will find three searchable categories covering Economic commentary and ideas, Catholic theology, and Cultural Commentary


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Lying: Can it Ever be Done?

The year is 1941. There they are, the Nazis at your door. Behind you is a family of Jews hiding in fear. The question comes, “Are there...

Abortion: What if You Were Wrong?

Wonderful, you are reading this. I hope you disagree with me. If you have had an abortion, encouraged someone to do so, or in general,...

Sola Scriptura: Rebuttal

An article on caught my eye. The title is “A Defense of Sola Scriptura” by Sean Luke. If that article...

The Fig: The Fruit of The Fall

Unlike the other theological articles on this site, this one is almost complete and utter speculation. Exactly nothing rides on whether...

Evil Sucks: Why is it here?

If a patient is suffering from cancer, a cancer researcher's journal article will neither comfort nor treat the patient’s condition. If...

Faith: A Brief Defence

In G.K. Chesterton’s book, “Orthodoxy”, he speaks of a type of madness which can inhabit one’s mind. He compares it to a circle which is...

The Eucharist: A Scriptural Tour

“Source and Summit of the Christian faith.”, “Center of Christian worship.”, “Jesus Christ, body, blood, soul, and divinity.” The...

Anxiety at its Theological Roots

There are two painful truths that stand at the heart of the human experience. The first is that we don’t know the future. The second is...

Why the Hell?

It is not hard to imagine or indeed wish for an eternal Hell for Hitler and Stalin, but what about the ordinary person or the marginal...



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