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Welcome to Cutting The Gordian Knot

Welcome to Cutting The Gordian Knot, where we believe problems that often seem intractable can be simply solved with the help of Scripture, Reason and Tradition. 

Alexander the Great recognized that he was not the wisest man alive and was far from being clever enough to untangle the problem presented to him by the knot. We try to take the same strategy. We are not wise enough to untangle the thorny issues of today, but we hope that we can substitute creativity for the wisdom we lack as we swing the double edged sword of Faith and Reason. 

The articles you find below were written for a variety of different audiences ranging from social media friends to the Virginia State legislature. We hope these thoughts are of service to you in your intellectual journey. You will find three searchable categories covering Economic commentary and ideas, Catholic theology, and Cultural Commentary


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Healthcare: What's the Price?

The Theory: Prices are what signal labor and capital to be employed in the most valuable way possible. Markets will drive down cost and...

Healthcare: End the CON laws

The Theory: Prices will rise when supply is restricted. This is especially true in a market with an inelastic demand curve such as...

Sell your Organs, Save a Life

The Theory: A shortage occurs when a product has its price capped below the point of market equilibrium. A black market will emerge in...



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